Nokia N900 is in da house! ….. Finally!

Well, well, well what do we have here?… Remember the Nokia N900?, A powerful mobile device announced quite some time ago?. Well, its finally turned up on my doorstep and I’m currently putting it through its paces!…

First impressions? Fantastic hardware… Beta software… Thats right, the hardware is pretty much perfect in terms of size, speed and layout.. Great keyboard, nice display, fantastic camera (as you would expect from Nokia).

I actually prefer the device iteself to the HTC HD2, even though it has a huge screen and is incredibly slim, I find the N900 easier to use!. The software is a mixed bag, good design and ties in well with the hardware, but there are some major issues. (although I am posting this from the N900 so I guess it cant be so bad!) For example, forget syncing with Microsoft exchange if you use 2003 (which a lot of people still do) and if you have more than 100 emails in your pop3 or IMAP account your out of luck too!, the inbox disappears and refuses to load! (A software update is due this month to fix both issues).

There are alot of basic functions missing in each app, like having no ability to rearrange icons in the main menu, or being able to edit basic preferences..

Its not all bad however… running full flash 9.4 in the fantastic web browser is jaw dropping! and some of the applications already popping up in the application downloads section are really exciting!

Anyway, I will be posting a full review shortly so dont be shy and I’ll try and answer your questions as best I can!


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