Cool looking little MID with XP and 5.6inch touchscreen

Sort of an S5 competitor: If you like the 5 inch form factor this would be perfect for you.
“Judging by its specs, it seems to be a good one in its class, indeed. Featuring a 5.6” TFT ( 800×480) touch screen and weighing only 410 gr., it also sports a VIA C7 processor with clockspeed of 1.0GHZ , 16GB SSD Drive (optional:8G or 32G), 1GB DDRII-RAM, VIA AC97 integrated sound card, 1.3-megapixel camera, USB2.0 (x2), CRT port (1), SD Reader slot( 1), Wireless LAN 802.11b/g etc. However, it runs on Windows XP”


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  1. benz145 on

    S5 competitor with 800×840? Laughable. Please see this post: and the section “Didn’t we learn our lesson last time”.

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