Viliv X70 cost or: the story of two buys

Amusingly when I first bought the X70 our dollar was doing reasonably against the greenback. Not stellar like a couple of months ago (over the dollar) but not too bad. When I cancelled the order due to the delay the dollar had tanked so I lost $100! The US refund was the same but US $’s only bought so many Aussie $’s.Our $ versus their $

I bought when the dollar was at the left point on this chart…and sold when it was on the right. I cancelled my X70 order and lost money on the deal because of two reasons: firstly i was annoyed at the delay from dynamism and what i felt was the lack of notice from them. Secondly i started to get a bit spooked about being such a bleeding edge early adopter.

given the few horror stories i had started to read from early x70 buyers i really started to have concerns. I mean if OQO can go bust with the huge names and huge money behind them then what hope does viliv have?

But then i ended up buying an X70ex from Japan. the few horror stories appeared to be the exception and i’m happy to say the X70 is proving to be better than imagined. But unfortunately the $100 I saved on the purchase was negated by the $100 I lost by outthinking myself the first time.


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  1. Vladimir on

    Could you tell how was the SW (OS and viliv tools) on the X70 bought in Japan. Was it in English language? 🙂 I also thinking to buy this device in Japan but I don’t know how much time I’ll spend on setting up English lang on it.
    I called BRULE which is local japan viliv reseller and the lady said X70 has all in Japanese.

    • vilivx70 on

      Hi, the OS was in Japanese but i’m so used to installing windows it was easy to click through. Then I installed an English version and used the drivers off the Viliv site – very simple.

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