HTC HD2 no more WindozeZZZzzz!

It’s that time of the year..Xmas is upon us and so’s the gadget itch!

I was holding out for the Nokia N900 to replace my trusty iPhone 3G but S had a brand spanking new HTC HD2 for sale..I just couldn’t resist and bought this 2 days back!

It has a 1ghz Snapdragon processor and a glorious 4.3″ 800×480 screen that has to be seen to believe…absolutely magical!

The IE browser also has Flash it’s pretty close to a surfing experience from a desktop/netbook.

Team that up with a 5MP Camera..Whoooaaayeeeahhh!

The 1g processor makes running WinMo 6.5 a sweet’s so snappy that I keep pinching myself if Im dreaming as I have never experienced a decent WinMo experience till now! I’m currently multitasking like crazy and this unit’s still running smooth as a baby’s bottom!

It by no means perfect – still loses out in the iPhone in the UI and touch optimization aspects.

Other gripes..microUSB, too wide for 1 handed operations unless you have large hands.

More review to come..:)


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  2. Lightonthego on

    N900 will be missed, WM stil a closed system, I like the open space of a system being developed just for me 🙂 but have to say the large screen and the Snapdragon are tempting

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi there,
      definitely agree that WM is still closed and the Maemo O/S is ideal for developers such as yourself! 🙂

      The thing that sold me about the HTC HD2 is the hires 4.3″ glorious screen (800×480), the 1024Mhz Snapdragon which in my short experience is the bare minimum to adequately run WM6.5 efficiently.

      Oh and the touch capacitative screen is the best I’ve encountered on a WM device..almost iPhone like but not quite as accurate though..:)

      I had WM6.5 running on a HTC Advantage earlier this year and that wasn’t a efficient experience at all..which is why I ditched the WM platform.

      The HD2 is by no means perfect…but it suits my daily needs as a work productivity tool where the iPhone still remains top of my list for apps and entertainment.

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