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There will be no Apple Tablet according to Mactablet

Blog post against the stream?

Sorry for the gratuitous post but as much as I want an Apple tablet myself I am amazed at Apple’s dominance of the market when they don’t even have a product!?

What ever happened to the aftermarket apple tablet – the modded macbook pro? Do people out there use them? Has anyone bought one in the last 12 months?


Apple tablet: best vapourware ever

It never ceases to amaze me the ampunt of press the apple tablet gets. The product doesnt exist, the company denies it’s existance, there’s never been any leaks, photos, nothing concrete. Ever! And yet gotta be mobile writes a post entitled: nothing to compete with the apple tablet at ces 2009! What the?!

Serious this is the greatest marketing success in history.

Vaio X – tough netbook demo

So how tough is my new Vaio X?

This video show a practical real life test that I think I’ll be performing on my brand spanking new X soon..NOT!

At least this demo’s given me some confidence that my incredibly light and slim Vaio X will survive a bit of tumble and fall.

PS: I wonder if the the Vaio X in the video BELONGED TO THE DEMONSTRATOR? Wouldn’t it be funny if it was your mate’s..he/she’s boasting about how tough the netbook is and blah, blah,blah – you pick it up and give it a good WHACK! against the table, open up the screen and exclaim, “Holy S#$t, you’re right!” ???

Don’t forget to video record his /her reaction from start to finish..and run like hell after that! :))

Anyway, jokes asides, here’s the Vaio X being put through some torturous quality testing. I wonder how many of today’s cheaper netbooks can survive such quality testing!

Solar powering the Viliv X70

Good ole Laurence pointed out another interesting article – UMPCportal’s running a test using solar power to charge a X70.

Link here

Anyone else you know attempted the above?

Vaio X – 14hr battery up close and personal

Finally had the time to take some happy snaps for your voyeuristic enjoyment if you don’t own a Vaio X or wonder what the 14 hour battery looks like up close – there is lots of speculation and uncertainty on how much weight/bulk this introduces to the supermodel slim Vaio X and hopefully these freshly taken photos will clarify!

According to me trusty kitchen scale, it’s 900g – the 14hr battery itself weighed in at around 300g.

The 14 hour battery is kinda like an exo skeleton that attaches itself to the base of the Vaio X..overall, it adds a bit of tilt to the X which although adds thickness, also improves the ergonomics of the X tremendously as when you rest your wrist on the X whilst typing.

I personally found less strain on my wrist than before when the Vaio X was lying flat.

Ok, it’s not as sexy looking I must admit – the thing that grabbed me with the X was the incredible slimness of the entire unit due to the slimline battery. This mother of all batteries makes the Vaio X look like it hasn’t hit the gyms and therefore just gained a couple of pounds..:)

But then, it’s definitely more voluptous looking now with the sexy curves.  I’m now at zen with the way it looks and to those that have never seen the Vaio X before, it’s still incredibly slim looking in real life!

Vaio X with the slimline battery

Vaio X with the 14 hour battery

Here’s the good news so far.  I bought the unit 4 days back and started using it Thursday night.

Today’s Sunday and I still have 2 hours of playtime left (running on high performance mode) !

Note that I do most my stuff  in the cloud so if you’re a heavy user, I would expect this battery to give you around 2 good days of usage.

My conclusion- personally I’ve loving it, although not the price tag.  It costed me AUD399 which literally buys another netbook..but to me, it’s an acceptable purchase because I like being totally wireless.