An Ode to OQO

..well, not really an Ode..I’ve given up poetical composition for IT 1.5 decades ago..haha!

I was going through some of my old gadget pics I have taken and here’s my favourite UMPC of all times, the OQO 02 in what must be the sexiest docking station ever built for a UMPC (with a price tag to match!).

I must have bought around 4 of these OQO 02-s (they keep breaking down!) as I just love the form factor and useability – the thumb keyboard and optical mouse rocks!

I shed a little virtual tear when OQO lost the technology battle with the arrival of smarter smartphones and cost effective netbooks..and wound up business mid last year (2009).

An interesting short article that describes the rise and fall of OQO..

and the oh-so-cruel reality in our ever changing, every evolving technology world can best be summed up in this lessons learnt:

“It’s a valuable lesson: Even if an idea is ahead of its time, bigger leaps in technology can leave it behind.”

Byebye OQO..the 02/02+ range will alway remain the king of slider UMPCs for me.

BTW, I still get excitedly whenever an OQO device  makes a cameo gadget appearance in futuristic sci-fi movies or TV series! 🙂

Happy 2010 to all!


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