Win an Apple Tablet! that title grabbed lots of you by the gadget goolies..heheh! Sorry..just a bit of  shameless sensationalism on my part! 🙂

But the guys @’s Gadget Lab are definitely highly strung about the Apple Tablet and running a “Win-an-Apple-Tablet” competition based on the assumption that there’ll be an Apple Tablet at the end of the rainbow (yep, a lucky winner will get this!).

All a bit of fun..check it out at their website here.. and get your entries in quickly  y’all…

“Deadline: All entries must be received by January 15, 2010, at 5pm Pacific time. At that point we will close the form and seal the spreadsheet until January 1, 2011.”

BTW – D and I have both giving up on the Apple Tablet arriving anytime soon..Que Sera Sera.


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