USB Thumb Drive…LITERALLY!!!

Yes…someone’s taking  thumb drive literally and invented the Authentic Thumb drive!

It’s also called the Yakuza finger..for those of you who have watched enough Japanese Yakuza gangster movies (Black Rain..remember that with Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia??) will know the significance of the severed finger!

Comes in in 4GB version..I really hope they don’t decided to follow this up with a 8G  female thumb or a 16G hairy toe..yikes!

USD70 for this unique thumb drive…I suggest you add  bit of blood red nail polish (fake blood) and you will be the most popular (or infamous) person in your workplace for at least a week..guaranteed.

My suggestted design will be for the makers made a whole hand as a base station (attaches to your PC) and you purchase 5 finger thumb drives that docks on each of the severed finger stumps..with each drive being presented as “Thumb”, “Forefinger”, “Middle”, “Wedding” and “Pinky” USB mass storage devices. Now that will be awesome!

Geek factor – 2 “thumbs’ up..:)


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  1. USB Thumb Drive on

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    • jamesfongster on

      Whoa, only USD20! I found this little gem in for triple that price..good find Genghis..would mind getting myself one of these little gems from USB Geek! 🙂

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