Entourage Edge – most exciting thing I’ve seen all year

Stumbled on this in the CES postings: Entourage Edge. Without a Mactablet or a Microsoft Courier being in exsistence this is the coolest most exciting machine going at the moment.

I love the fact you can use one side for all of your computing needs (and it’s touch!) and then open an ebook into the other screen and read it on the great ereader screen. It’s the best of both world’s as our current laptop or slate screens aren’t the best for reading and the ebook style machines are pretty ordinary for doing other stuff. Where can I get one?

“The enTourage eDGe™ is the world’s first dualbook, combining the functions of an e-reader, netbook, notepad, and audio/video recorder and player in one. It’s a comprehensive device that lets you read e-books, surf the Internet, take digital notes, send emails and instant messages, watch movies and listen to music anywhere, at any time. This is nothing you’ve ever seen before!”

Entourage Edge youtube video.


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  1. jamesfongster on

    Like D, I’m pretty excited about this..love the dual screen concept and most importantly, 1200 x 825 pixels..means you can view documents in portrait mode properly. A nice 10″ footprint is perfect for portability and optimal viewing.

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