Ideapad U1 Hybrid looks perfect to me

This is exactly the kind of thing I have been waiting for. The Lenovo Ideapad U1.

I owned a HTC Shift which with the dual processor option and the dual operating system setup wouldhave been perfect except that the low power consumption OS (the phone part that promised so much) was horribly crippled by HTC. I loved the idea of being able to fire up the unit to web browse, do email etc and have days of battery life but in that mode you couldn’t access bluetooth, wireless, extra SD storage and heaps more. You had to boot into Windows and then you got an hour battery life. Almost but fail HTC.
Enter the Ideapad U1. A slate with it’s own low power consumption processor, light weight operating system (linux) but if you dock it you get Core Duo power and a full keyboard. The best of both worlds I say. Bring it out, soon!


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  1. jamesfongster on

    Yup, the Ideapad is Ideal for me too! The HP TC1100 has been one of my favourite productivity tools of all times having the ability to detach (Slate mode) and reattach (Laptop mode).

    Bring on the Ideapad! 🙂

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