Honey, I just bought the mother of all batteries..

Long have I wanted a mobile device running Win O/S that can give me 10+ hours of battery life for under 1KG.

Since I got the Vaio X, I looked for the biggest, baddest battery I could get for it and saw this monster…it’s huge in size but promises up to 14 hours..so I’m expecting 10-11+ real life hours.

I couldn’t resist this and 6 hours ago rocked down to the Sony Centre in the CBD and they had one in stock – bought this baby.

It’s almost as heavy as the Vaio X itself and costed 1x cheap netbook..ugh!  But with the extended battery on, the Vaio X still weighed in at just under 1KG (on my kitchen scale!).

I’ll post some real life pics of the battery on the Vaio X soon and some battery results.

Long life the Vaio X…battery life that is..:)


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