Why haven’t they fixed the disk thrashing in Windows 7?

Why Oh why haven’t they fixed the disk thrashing behaviour Vista became famous for in Windows 7?! For the love of……!

Both my Win 7 laptops thrash the hard drives. Onexamination it’s svchost.exe that’s doing the thrashing, near constant read and writes. And this is with nothing being open. No applications and a minimum of stuff in the background and yet it goes on and on. Now I know svchost.exe could be anumber of things as windows subs off it’s work to dll’s and the like so svchost.exe could really be anything but one thing’s for sure; it’s Windows that’s doing it.

How dumb is an operating system that needs to carry on like this. OSX doesn’t do it, does Linux? This is the reason that even though the Mactablet may be bigger, heavier and more expensive than half the UMPC, tablets or netbooks, I’ll be buying one – OSX! It’s also one of the reasons I never got why people would buy a Macbook and put windows on it, why use the best computer and remove half of what made it the best; the operating system. Win 7 is still 7 years behind Apple OSX.

End of rant.


3 comments so far

  1. vk77de on

    Waiting till somebody puts a Linux on X70. Or a not-locked-down, open Linux Tablet

    • vilivx70 on

      I can’t wait for a seamless linux install. If I can get wireless, touchscreen and bluetooth to work in linux on the X70 I’m there tomorrow πŸ™‚

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