Vaio X – tough netbook demo

So how tough is my new Vaio X?

This video show a practical real life test that I think I’ll be performing on my brand spanking new X soon..NOT!

At least this demo’s given me some confidence that my incredibly light and slim Vaio X will survive a bit of tumble and fall.

PS: I wonder if the the Vaio X in the video BELONGED TO THE DEMONSTRATOR? Wouldn’t it be funny if it was your mate’s..he/she’s boasting about how tough the netbook is and blah, blah,blah – you pick it up and give it a good WHACK! against the table, open up the screen and exclaim, “Holy S#$t, you’re right!” ???

Don’t forget to video record his /her reaction from start to finish..and run like hell after that! :))

Anyway, jokes asides, here’s the Vaio X being put through some torturous quality testing. I wonder how many of today’s cheaper netbooks can survive such quality testing!


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