Ebay listing removed because of an ipad comparison

This takes the cake. Ebay advised that a listing was in violation because in the title it stated: better than ipad. And they waited 6.5 days into a 7 day auction. I’m not bIg on conspiracy theories normally but come on. How can this be against any sort of rules? Is ebay in bed with apple? No wonder there’s a website called ebay sucks.


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  1. ebetsy on

    Your listing was removed… Blah blah (EDIT: removed ebay spin and bollocks)

    • vilivx70 on

      You know you’ve made it when ebay PR people comment on your blog 🙂

      Thanks for copy and pasting the ebay fine print but please keep it to your own website.

      Ebay shuts down any sort of disent or open debate on their own forums (just try posting something controversial to their forums).

      If i want to claim in my lusting that my item is better than an ipad then i should be free to do so. Isn’t it up to the consumers to decide whether it is or not? I mean isn’t that the basis of all advertising? Don’t all advertisers state that their product outperforms, is safer than, cheaper than etc?

      Oh, but apple pays ebay millions to advertise on the site so the rules are different. Fess up ebay.

      And while you’re at it start paying tax. Don’t you love selling an item in your country, to your country, and then paying money to Sweden so ebay can avoid paying tax.

      • jamesfongster on

        Yeah, remember those TV Ads about the Mac Apple guy dressing down the Windows guy..

  2. cahbagoes on

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