How Puppy Linux saved my presentation

I had almost finished the powerpoint, all i needed to do was a last test and save it off to a thumbdrive.

And it crashed windows. A crash that went BOOM. Flashing colours on the screen, craziness.

I tried to reboot and it struggled to get to the repair console screens. Eventually windows started to try to fix itself and two hours later admitted defeated. Thanks for nothing.

Luckily i remembered i had a bootable thumb drive in my bag with puppy linux on it. I booted up and managed to copy the presentation to another thumbdrive. But it was a pptx and i wasn’t sure the pc’s at the centre could handle it. I needed a ppt.

After tooling around in Linux for a while i restarted and windows came back. Thanks windows.

Looks like it’ll be a rebuild when i get home.


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