Palm rejection on the Viliv X70 – not so good

Finally got a chance to capture some results from my Palm rejection test on the Viliv X70.

As you can see there’s no palm rejection. You have to carefully ink without touching the screen at all or you get a lot of vectoring.


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  1. Allan Soh on

    Hi stumble on your blog as im searching for help on my newly purchase Viliv X70 EX 3G. I’m facing 3 major problems (well at least 2) here and i hope you can help me…

    1) I cannot use the USB (not the mini) with my External HDD. When i plug it in window XP says that there may be problem with my device. Using the USB port for mouse, keyboard or card reader works fine. Is it due to the lack of power from X70 EX to power the external HDD? i had test it with power plug into my X70 but still no result.

    2) I had set my log on to XP using a password at the log in screen. so whenever i re-boot, or wakeup from standby i canot use vilivsoftkey to type in my password instead i had to use the C + Menu button to bring up Windows Accessibility programme’s keyboard which is so small to type on. any work around way?

    3) How do i set the viliv GUI weather widget to show my local weather? mine is stuck a Korea.

    Thank you for reading and i hope i did not take up too much of your busy day.


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