Peddling iPeds…

Yup, just like clockwork, no sooner does the Apple iPad officially launches in the US, China has responded with their Android driven iPeds!

They’re a fraction of the cost of an iPad at under USD200..they may not have the attractiveness of the iPad nor the screen res, but it makes up by having USB2.0, Cam, miniSD and a 3G option.

I’m curious to know product quality you’ll get at such a cheap price..makes me wanna get one just for the fun of it ’cause it’s so affordable!

128MB SDROM         
4GB(NAND FLASH,UP TO 32GB)        
7″ high defination Lcd Touch-screen,Convertible Display(800*480)        
Android 1.5        
Wireless LAN 802.11         
WIFI  , 3G(WCDMA/TDSCDMA/EVDO) optional         
Touch screen   & USB mouse        
USB 2.0 input and 1.1 usb output , earphone output        
mini SD    slot    
battery capacity 3000mHA        
color Silver         
netweight 0.16Kg(with battery        
INPUT 5V 2A        
support MP3、WMA、APE、FLAC、AAC、AC3、WAV          
Support 1080X720(720P)and MKV(H.264 HP)、AVI、RM/RMVB、FLV、MPEG-1、MPEG-2     

High defination Video/Audio (720 Audio player :1080X720)                
High quality sounds                
Touch screen                 
e book                 
Portable office                 
Support QQ,MSN,GTALK chat tool                 
Android open platform                
high capacity of battery , 5 hours                 
supper slim design
Internet browsed,FLV download        
Support JPEG、BMP、GIF、PNG、TIFF        
Support Goolge map


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