Libretto W100 awesome dual screen tablet

Here’s the ipad competitor: Libretto W100

This concept looks awesome and even better it’s going to be for sale. Most prototypes turn up at CES and then disappear. This one will be for sale in limited numbers which means we’ll be starting the W100boys blog :).

I think it actually looks like the second generation Entourage Edge if there was such a thing as the centre hinge looks like a slimmed down version of the Edge’s one. Windows 7, two multi touch screens, Toshiba reliability = must have machine.

I’ve had almost very model of Libretto from the Ct70 up to the Libretto L5 and U105 and have actually regretted it every time I sold one. The Libretto L series was hands down the best UMPC, subnotebook I’ve ever owned and the Viliv X70 ties with the Samsung Q1 as the best tablet UMPC. So the W100 and the Samsung Tape are for me the best options out of all the new range of tablets – promised or vapourware. When they come….when are they coming?

The Libretto W100 runs Windows 7 on a 1.2Ghz Pentium processor, boasts a 62GB SSD and 2GB of RAM, and features a Webcam, a USB port, a MicroSD slot, and Bluetooth.


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