This just in: the Viliv Boys are moving to a new Blog –

After lots of soul searching and discussion we’re moving to a new blog. Vilivboys will remain here as an archive but we won’t be updating the site. Join us at our new blog:

Out of the Office

After having a great experience with both the Viliv X70 and the S5 we both sold our Viliv’s. That’s kind of the guys we are: pretty early adopters and pretty fats turn arounders of technology. Basically we go through computers and phones like no one’s business! We’re not proud of it…actually we probably are.

Since we (me and J) are both always on the lookout for mobility solutions and indeed are trying to setup our lives and work to become completely untethered from the office, we thought a more genral style blog was called for. We’re not limiting ourselves to a brand or even a type of mobile device.

The new blog will cover: smartphones, UMPC’s, tablets, slates, solar power devices (you need to be untethered form the wall outlet too sometimes), car mounts for technology, any kind of portable tech you can imagine. Our usage of these devices and also our active journeys to become mobile workers.

Hope you can join us for the ride.


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