James Fong aka jamesfongster or simply J is a hopeless gadget addict forever in search of a gadget fix.

J’s umpc and road warrioring  adventures began back in 2002 with the purchase of the Sony Vaio Picturebook and several years and some 15 plus umpc/subnotebooks  later, is still looking for the holy grail of a truly pocketable umpc device with a decent battery life. Does the s5 live up to this IT Project Manager’s expectations? Stayed tuned to this blog to find out!

Damian fell in love with UMPC’s the day he saw a Libretto CT100. Since then he’s had everything from a Libretto 50 to a Vaio TZ, the shortest for a day the longest for a year, but the search is still on for the perfect portable.  These UMPC’s aren’t just for surfing and blogging, they need to do everything from managing a team of programmers to editing multimedia for theatre productions. Will the Viliv X70 be the solution?

About us: D and J met one fateful day on eBay when D decided to sell his beloved Samsung Q1 Ultra.  After a well negotiated and executed eBay transaction, the 2 remained in constant email contact, making a pact to some day start up a blog upon the purchase of their next shiny new road warrior devices.

So now you know how the vilivboys came about!

Our mission statement…sharing our real life road warrior experiences and  usages of the viliv as well as future umpc devices – how this fits into and enriches our daily lives. We welcome your thoughts , comments and contributions!


4 comments so far

  1. douglas on

    loving your about page. what a throwback to the original good old days… picturebook, 100ct, etc.

    did you get your vilivs from dynamism? hope so! 15 UMPCs better make you a dynamism customer. 🙂

    x70 launch should be good.

    anyway, thank you for your blog and please keep in touch.
    best regards

    Douglas Krone, CEO
    Dynamism Inc.
    PC Magazine Top 100 All-Time Classic Sites
    PC World Top 25 Sites We Love
    http://www.dynamism.com http://www.gizmine.com

    • jamesfongster on

      Hi Doug
      indeed, the viliv s5 and I am sure a majority of our past umpcs did come did come from Dynamism! Check out my s5 review with a mention to http://www.dynamism.com..🙂 “Uncle D” will be on your adoption list for a x70!

  2. ZankChank on

    Hey James,

    I got my X70 yesterday and managed to get Windows 7 on it. So far, I have mostly everything working except for the GPS and the Viliv branded software updater which I may be able to tackle tomorrow. I am tracking my progress in the Windows 7 thread for the X70 on UMPCPORTAL.com: http://www.umpcportal.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=5634&forum=36

    I hope to help out with X70 related tweaks and modding later. Have fun with your X70!

  3. Clinuix on

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