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Lazy Sunday blogging..part 2

By the way, I chose the HTC Advantage over the S5 for the last blog for one simple reason..the S5 didn’t have an inbuilt camera so not effective at all for photo blogging.

That is one major feature lacking in the S5 for mobile blogging which prompted me to get the HTC Advantage..the x70 will address the camera issue but unfortunately not pocketable so for me not an ideal mobile blogging device for those unplanned photo blogging moments.

This blog is written using my iPhone as I needed to take a pic of the Advantage..:)


Lazy Sunday blogging..part 1

Am having a lazy sunday at home…been doing loads of housework and gardening stuff as well with the missus. Here is a pic taken with the HTC Advantage of our latest handiwork. Can’t stop marvelling at how technology has progressed in the last decade that allows me to share this picture with you in under 10 mins from shoot, to describe, to upload and to publish. Makes you look forward to what the next decade is going to bring in terms of technology hey?

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Fixed up the RSS feed

Finally found the RSS settings and so now it’s fixed to show the whole article instead of a summary. Also I noticed that the X70’s didn’t sell out today.

I’m thinking it’s because there were multiple models at multiple price points as opposed to the S5 which really only had the $599 one on pre-order. The X70 $599 only had the 16GB SSD which really isn’t that attractive an option as even XP doesn’t do great on a 16GB hard drive.

I think they probably would have sold more if it had the 60GB hard drive option or indeed the 32GB SSD at $599. AFAIC only the two 32GB models are worth having and they weren’t $599.

HTC Advantage – head to head with S5 soon


The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has been my mobile blogging tool which I have been using to take pictures of the S5 and upload directly to the vilivboys blog.

Just a couple of days back, I was presented with an opportunity to acquire a HTC Advantage x7501, a device which I have been ogling for the last 2 years since its release and is James Kendrick’s (jkontherun) all time favourite mobile device.

In true gadgetholic fashion, I’ve decided to trade in my Xperia X1 for a HTC Advantage x7501.

This then presents me with opportunity to pit the Advantage against the S5 as road warrior device. Both are roughly the same size but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

How well will a Windows Mobile 6 device released 2 years ago do against the recently released S5 running full XP o/s?

Stay tune for review and lots of comparision pictures once I get my eagers hands on the Advantage tonight.

J’s mobile blogging tool


Thought I’ll share with you the other smartphone I use besides the iPhone 3G which I turn to for on the move mobile blogging.

It’s the Sony Xperia X1 – I like using this to blog about the S5 as it has a good 3.2MP autofocus, macro mode enabled camera for those closeup shots (but night shots aren’t great as some of my blog pics are pretty blurry) of the S5.

Also it has a hard keyboard which is much easier to type on than a soft keyboard on the iPhone.

I use the Shozu application to upload the blog (including pictures) directly to the vilivboys blog.

The iPhone is just as good for mobile blogging as it has a WordPress app – only letdown is the 2MP camera with no macro capabilities for clear closeup shots. Other than that, pretty effective mobile blogging tool as well.

I have personally yet to tether both phones to the S5 for internet connectivity (my work SIMs card has no data plan!).

Finally, a rant – wish that the S5 had a cam as well..that’ll make it the ultimate blogging device! The Vaio UX17GP which I owned had just, did I enjoy being able to snap a pic on the UX, type up a blog and upload it.