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Entourage eDGe now shipping to Canada as well as USA

Received this media release: enTourage eDGe Sales to Canada are Ready
There’s a lot going on the enTourage eDGe Store. This month we have added sales to customers in Canada. We’ve had lots of interest from other countries as well. We’ll be updating our shipping destinations on an ongoing basis.


Ideapad U1 Hybrid looks perfect to me

This is exactly the kind of thing I have been waiting for. The Lenovo Ideapad U1.

I owned a HTC Shift which with the dual processor option and the dual operating system setup wouldhave been perfect except that the low power consumption OS (the phone part that promised so much) was horribly crippled by HTC. I loved the idea of being able to fire up the unit to web browse, do email etc and have days of battery life but in that mode you couldn’t access bluetooth, wireless, extra SD storage and heaps more. You had to boot into Windows and then you got an hour battery life. Almost but fail HTC.
Enter the Ideapad U1. A slate with it’s own low power consumption processor, light weight operating system (linux) but if you dock it you get Core Duo power and a full keyboard. The best of both worlds I say. Bring it out, soon!

Win an Apple Tablet! that title grabbed lots of you by the gadget goolies..heheh! Sorry..just a bit of  shameless sensationalism on my part! 🙂

But the guys @’s Gadget Lab are definitely highly strung about the Apple Tablet and running a “Win-an-Apple-Tablet” competition based on the assumption that there’ll be an Apple Tablet at the end of the rainbow (yep, a lucky winner will get this!).

All a bit of fun..check it out at their website here.. and get your entries in quickly  y’all…

“Deadline: All entries must be received by January 15, 2010, at 5pm Pacific time. At that point we will close the form and seal the spreadsheet until January 1, 2011.”

BTW – D and I have both giving up on the Apple Tablet arriving anytime soon..Que Sera Sera.

Camangi Webstation pre-order event over, sales to begin soon

Well the Camangi pre-order event is over, not that any of us here in Australia could get one. The website advises that we’llbe able to buy on Amazon soon (or through their own website). Hopefully we’ll get shipping worldwide or otherwise J and I will have to use one of those sneaky Companies that allow the rest of the world to buy US only items :(.

J likes the Camangi but I’m going for the ICD Ultra

There’s actually quite abit around now in the 7 inch touchscreen tablet market (I’ve given up on the apple tablet after how many years now of vapour ware hopes).

J mentioned the Camangi Web Tablet and it actually looks like a nice piece of kit if you just want to read ebooks and surf the web in a scaled down way. Which actually is half of what we do really. My Friends experience of his Android Google phone showed me how seamlessly it all hooked up to the Google cloud and I’m certain someone will hack the Camngi de-tuned Android to make it fully functional (look at what they’re doing with the Nook over at Nokdevs!).

I did stumble across this though the ICD Ultra:

And I think it could be a contender for a web tablet. With CES close and the new offerings from Viliv (N5 – should we say M2!) there’s going to be alot to drool over.