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Apple wireless testing lab a work of fiction?

Call me a cynic but when Apple takes a group of journo’s on a secret back street tour of Cupertino and ushers them into the wireless testing rooms I feel that it’s so much like science fiction – that it is! I mean come on. Apple have been caught pants down on this design flaw in the iphone 4. And in the scramble to right the situation I’m sure there have been long nights spent with PR hacks in rooms trying to come up with the best way out for Apple. Including free cases and refunds and keeping Steve Jobs off the airwaves as he seems to put his foot in his mouth a fair bit (his solution – hold the phone a different way – wacked). I have nothng to back this up but I think Apple spent some money and built this hollywood set to get massive media covergae (achieved) and reel back some of the negative comments about them not seeing these issues in testing. OK so if you did see these issues in testing then why did you not fix them? You can’t tell me with Apple’s “genius'” of which we hear so much they coldn’t fix this problem? RIM can, Nokia can. Apple probably can – they just screwed up.
Phone testing kit looks like this:

Wireless and phone test labs look like this:

Wireless and phone testing labs look like this

Not like this:
Apple's "fictional" test lab


Ebay listing removed because of an ipad comparison

This takes the cake. Ebay advised that a listing was in violation because in the title it stated: better than ipad. And they waited 6.5 days into a 7 day auction. I’m not bIg on conspiracy theories normally but come on. How can this be against any sort of rules? Is ebay in bed with apple? No wonder there’s a website called ebay sucks.

J’s iPhone’s life after HTC HD2’s arrival.. an universal remote control?

Sad to say, I’ve been neglecting my trusty iPhone 3G ever since I got my grubby hands on the HD2 a month back.

It’s currently my bedside alarm clock and it’s current function in life  is awaking me and the wife up every morning.

Maybe i should consider getting this nifty little accessory from Kinetix and converting the iphone into a universal remote ?

Hmm..wonder if they will include IR code for remote control garage doors or gates..that’ll be nice!  🙂

Pantech Sportiv – iPhone twin??

Spotted in the wild wild world of Akihabara gadget Korean made Pantech Sportiv phone that resembles the iPhone in the looks department  don’t you think?  One thing it has over the iPhone is a in built DMB TV tuner.

Win an Apple Tablet! that title grabbed lots of you by the gadget goolies..heheh! Sorry..just a bit of  shameless sensationalism on my part! 🙂

But the guys @’s Gadget Lab are definitely highly strung about the Apple Tablet and running a “Win-an-Apple-Tablet” competition based on the assumption that there’ll be an Apple Tablet at the end of the rainbow (yep, a lucky winner will get this!).

All a bit of fun..check it out at their website here.. and get your entries in quickly  y’all…

“Deadline: All entries must be received by January 15, 2010, at 5pm Pacific time. At that point we will close the form and seal the spreadsheet until January 1, 2011.”

BTW – D and I have both giving up on the Apple Tablet arriving anytime soon..Que Sera Sera.