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Acer Liquid Android phone

A guy at work took delivery of this last week:

It’s the Acer Liquid Android phone. He got it from the UK and it’s unloacked and quad band so it works here no worries. It’s excellent. It so seamlessly syncs with all the google stuff. He see’s updates faster on the phone than he does on the desktop PC. It’s got a great interface and even with the processor underclocked the thing flies. It’s twice as responsive to inputs than my iPhone. And has a 5 megapixel camera! Seriously feeling the draw to it.


A day at work with my Mobile technology

Thought I might do one of those day in the life things to show my usage of mobile devices including the Viliv X70. Also thought it might give me a chance to check out if I can perhaps use the mobile tech better. I might add that I’m in a new Job now and therefore haven’t got everything worked out/setup yet i.e. haven’t got a wireless net connection like the last place so that may change my usage a bit from my old setup.

Viliv X70

I use the X70 with a thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard and mouse

7:29am Checked some RSS feeds on the Iphone. The iPhone RSS reader is simple and easy to use and while I’d normally flash up my LG P100 in the morning this time the Iphone was close and easy to use.

9:30am Had a meeting, took the Viliv and used Onenote to take notes. I’m using the Beat version of Office 2010.

11:11am Back at Desk and used the desktop PC, transferred the notes via PDF as I haven’t yet got Onenote on the PC. Used the iphone to check some emails.

12:30pm lunch. Used the iphone to check and respond to emails, read some rss feeds and check facebook.

2:00pm Another meeting, took the Viliv. Note, every meeting results in 10 minutes being spent on expliaing what the X70 is!

2:30pm Back in office, desktop PC and the Viliv using the keyboard and mouse to update and flesh out some notes.

3:00pm Meeting – Viliv and Onenote

4:30pm Docked the Iphone and Viliv to use the internet tethering to check and respond to some emails – lengthy responses which meant the iPhone was out.

The rest of the day was Desktop PC. The evening I used the LG P100 as it’s my desktop replacement and great for web, email, photoshop etc. I probably use it for 2-3 hours in the evening.

So that’s it. I was surprised I used the iPhone as much as I did and can put it down to the fact that it’s always online and for the moment I have to tether with the Viliv for web access which is a bit painful. If the Viliv had 3G I might reach for it more than the iPhone as it’s got a bigger screen and I can do more text entry on the bigger keyboard plus it’s good for inking.

UMID tethered with the iPhone 3g

The UMID does not have an inbuilt HSDPA so that means I have to find an external solution for mobile Internet connectivity.

I have a Huawei USB broadband adapter but unfortunately the USB setup on the umid is not ergonomically possible for 2 handed usage so I have to opt for a tethering solution.

My usual tethering setup using pdaNET on the iPhone works flawlessly with the UMID.

Onenote for iPhone

Just got an update on the Onenote iPhone app. Beta testers are trying it and some are blogging about it. I’ve been advised that you can sign up and receive news and check out a development blog:

From the developers: “We have some news about MobileNoter (application that allows accessing OneNote data on iPhone) for you. We launched product web site and product blog, where we publish latest information about product development. We also want to receive feedback from our customers on this website, so please feel free to join discussions in blog post comments. You opinion is important for us.

MobileNoter is not released yet. We are currently beta-testing it.”

Apparently you can only view notes at the moment and not edit but that functionality will come.

S5 tethered to the iPhone 3G

I couldn’t wait for the S5 with inbuilt HSDPA 3G to arrive so I bought the earlier version which didn’t have this module.

Thankfully, tethering with a 3G enabled smartphone has always been an option to access the internet whilst on the go and seeing that whereever my S5 goes, my iPhone is sure to follow so tethering is a good compromise solution for me.

The task was relatively simple, thanks to having the ability to hack my iPhone and getting PdaNet onto it via Cydia.

After that, it was a simple process:

1) Set up a Adhoc Wireless Network on the S5. I called it “pdatether”

2) On the S5, connect your wifi to the configure “pdatether”

3) Jump onto the iPhone’s wifi and connect to the the configured “pdatether” network

4) Turn on the pdanet software on the iPhone 3G

5) And that it…job done!

Here’s a great link describing the process in full detail:

I’m running the trial version of pdanet that just expired a couple of minutes back.  Now it only does http:// and not https://…you’ll have to buy the registered version for that.

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