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Apple wireless testing lab a work of fiction?

Call me a cynic but when Apple takes a group of journo’s on a secret back street tour of Cupertino and ushers them into the wireless testing rooms I feel that it’s so much like science fiction – that it is! I mean come on. Apple have been caught pants down on this design flaw in the iphone 4. And in the scramble to right the situation I’m sure there have been long nights spent with PR hacks in rooms trying to come up with the best way out for Apple. Including free cases and refunds and keeping Steve Jobs off the airwaves as he seems to put his foot in his mouth a fair bit (his solution – hold the phone a different way – wacked). I have nothng to back this up but I think Apple spent some money and built this hollywood set to get massive media covergae (achieved) and reel back some of the negative comments about them not seeing these issues in testing. OK so if you did see these issues in testing then why did you not fix them? You can’t tell me with Apple’s “genius'” of which we hear so much they coldn’t fix this problem? RIM can, Nokia can. Apple probably can – they just screwed up.
Phone testing kit looks like this:

Wireless and phone test labs look like this:

Wireless and phone testing labs look like this

Not like this:
Apple's "fictional" test lab


I won’t be buying an iPad but I will be buying a Slate/Tablet machine this year

Engagdget has their hands on a HP presentation showing the differences between the ipad and the HP slate. Like we needed a leaked ppt.

There’s talk about it being a chopped up netbook; duh, so do we say any tablet PC’s in the last 10 years have been chopped up laptops? It’s a silly argument.

Performance wise I’ve been turned around by Windows 7 on both my convertible tablet and my low spec’d Pentium M ultra portable. Win 7 is a game changer on these machines and stops me from longing for a useable Linux tablet. So Win 7 should be more than enough for the HP slate, to send emails, browse the web, consume your social media of choice. I have used the Pentium M machine for photoshop – but it doesn’t mean I like it. Seriously, leave the heavy lifting for the home PC, desktop, whatever and use the UMPC’s, slates, <1kg machines for what they’re meant to be used for.

Loving the ipad for and against that’s going on

The best part about all the press that’s been stirred up by the iPad debate going on around the web is the attention it’s bringing to the market segment. 1 year ago hardly anyone knew what a slate/tablet PC was. Now everyone does. And the fact that 600,000 iPads have been sold means that other manufacturers can proceed with their own with a mraket segment now defined and sales assured.

Sales assured? Because the iPad is such a disabled machine. No flash, no SD, no 3G, not a stand alone computer (you need another computer to activate the stupid thing), no charging from a PC (way to try and force you to buy a Mac Steven). So much has been truned off or simply not put in that I rate the iPad as a half a computer.

The HP Slate, the Microsoft Courier, the ICD Ultra: these look the goods. Fully functioning slates that allow you to actually use them as computers if you want and not just big phones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually aMac Fan, I own more than 10 Apple computers including a Cube, a couple of Lampshade iMac’s, powerbook and Macbook Pro. But the iPhone is 3/4 of a phone and the iPad is half a computer.

Bring on the Tablets 2010.

Why haven’t they fixed the disk thrashing in Windows 7?

Why Oh why haven’t they fixed the disk thrashing behaviour Vista became famous for in Windows 7?! For the love of……!

Both my Win 7 laptops thrash the hard drives. Onexamination it’s svchost.exe that’s doing the thrashing, near constant read and writes. And this is with nothing being open. No applications and a minimum of stuff in the background and yet it goes on and on. Now I know svchost.exe could be anumber of things as windows subs off it’s work to dll’s and the like so svchost.exe could really be anything but one thing’s for sure; it’s Windows that’s doing it.

How dumb is an operating system that needs to carry on like this. OSX doesn’t do it, does Linux? This is the reason that even though the Mactablet may be bigger, heavier and more expensive than half the UMPC, tablets or netbooks, I’ll be buying one – OSX! It’s also one of the reasons I never got why people would buy a Macbook and put windows on it, why use the best computer and remove half of what made it the best; the operating system. Win 7 is still 7 years behind Apple OSX.

End of rant.

More video of the xpPhone released

Check out the video of the xpPhone..Click here –>More video of the xpPhone released

My current impressions..

1) too ugly, too late! 🙂

2) An OQO 02 replacement – I think not.

3) A smartphone replacement – I think not.

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