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Ebook reading

Trying to sell the Advantage on eBay but has to end the auction early as my iPhone broke down and I needed the HTC as a replacement until the iPhone come back from repairs.

Just took a shot of the Advantage and the S5 when I was using both as ebook readers last night..both have it’s pros and cons.

I prefer the slim light form factor of the Advantage but the S5 excels thanks to a higher resolution screen but a lot heavier when held with just one hand when viewing.

As mentioned in other posts, the Advantage struggled with PDFs having only a 600+ MHz processor.


My S5’s desktop look

Here is what my desktop looks like.

No surprises, I am a bit of a scifi fan thus the planetary theme

The revolving planets are Yahoo widgets of the iStat type.. I also installed the Zune theme.

S5 tethered to the iPhone 3G

I couldn’t wait for the S5 with inbuilt HSDPA 3G to arrive so I bought the earlier version which didn’t have this module.

Thankfully, tethering with a 3G enabled smartphone has always been an option to access the internet whilst on the go and seeing that whereever my S5 goes, my iPhone is sure to follow so tethering is a good compromise solution for me.

The task was relatively simple, thanks to having the ability to hack my iPhone and getting PdaNet onto it via Cydia.

After that, it was a simple process:

1) Set up a Adhoc Wireless Network on the S5. I called it “pdatether”

2) On the S5, connect your wifi to the configure “pdatether”

3) Jump onto the iPhone’s wifi and connect to the the configured “pdatether” network

4) Turn on the pdanet software on the iPhone 3G

5) And that it…job done!

Here’s a great link describing the process in full detail:

I’m running the trial version of pdanet that just expired a couple of minutes back.  Now it only does http:// and not https://…you’ll have to buy the registered version for that.

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S5 and the Bose Wave player

Nothing like waking up on a sunny Saturday morning with tunes..

Just attached the S5 to our Bose Wave Player.

Bought a Belkin audio connector lead to interface the 2 devices.

My audio repository is on a 1TB NAS sitting in the study and the S5 connects wirelessly to the NAS to access the audio files.

I am not particularly fussed with the music player program so temporarily using windows media till I install itunes.

End result is a pleasing morning audio experience thanks to the s5 and the superb Bose unit.

Now where’s my morning cup of java disappeared to??

S5 bluetooth headset

One of my favourite gadget companions is the Blueant X5 Stereo headset. I use this daily with the S5 for music and watching video.

Great audio and love the absence of wires..I have an extra battery to make I get through the day or two without having to recharge.

I particularly like how it folds up into a compact and pocketable size.

The S5’s BlueSoleil BT management software has no issues detecting it as a A2DP stereo wireless headset and it works flawlessly with the Ant.