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S5 external speakers

Here is another little gem from my arsernal of USB accessories..the hamburger speaker.. A freebie when I bought the Raon Everun UMPC some years back.

The S5 inbuilt stereo speakers are sufficient for normal audio playbacks but when you are on the road and using the S5 as a music player for playing background mood music in the hotel room, one of these babies really rocks! It’s small but scarily loud and bass-y for it’s size…

Has anyone came across websites selling these?

Many have asked but I’m unable to answer!


S5 and a webcam

Here my tatical solution for a webcam before I find a tinier one!

It’s a pretty old one of mine with a low resolution but works..not too heavy and clips to the s5 so you can video skype whilst using it as a handheld

Ugly..but works for the moment!

S5 random thoughts

The first thing I do every morning is to wake up with a steaming cup of java and turn ok the S5 to check emails, news ESP if the trains are running ok time !

To that extent the S5 is great..resumes from slumble in 4 to 5 secs which is great in the morning when I tend to get very impatient!

With the grab and drag addin I’m firefox , my morning experience is enjoyable being able to thumb scroll smoothly. I must say of all my touchscreen umpcs that the s5 is the most responsive.

One thing I wish the S5 has was a in built kickstand like the q1 ultra that S and I used to own. I find that almost a mandatory feature. But due to the battery design that takes up the whole of the s5 backing, its evident why this is not present . The wibrain I had was quite resourceful, providing a keyhole ok it’s top edge back that allows you to stick in it’s stylus and hey presto a no frills kickstand!

As you can see from the pic , the compromise is the casing..but that’s if you buy it.

Missing a webcam on the Viliv S5 – solved!

There’s beena bit of criticism of the S5 for not having a webcam (lots from J!). It’s valid given that a webcam doesn’t need to add alot of bulk or cost to a unit. I mean cameras in phones are tiny and even in the HTC Advantage it’s tiny.

Problem solved: get one of these:

Webcam alternative for the S5

Webcam alternative for the S5

S5’s Cube UI – my thoughts

Most of you may have heard about the S5’s Cube UI interface.  I must admit I was excited with the addition of this interface before I got the S5.

When I started using the CubeUI, it was fun..this UI kinda reminded me of a smartphone UI and spinning th cube around to access your apps..but after a day or two, the novelty wore off and I switched it off and went back to the XP desktop.

End of the day, it’s a personal taste whether the CubeUI will suit you. For me, the novelty is being able to run a XP desktop on a 4.8″ screen..:)