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Vista on the LG P100 restore disk fail

I gave up struggling with the windows recovery and safe mode (none worked) and cracked out the vista recovery disk.

After reformatting the partition and installing vista it started for the first time….. With nothing working. No drivers. No wifi, no proper screen resolution. This was the lg disk, so why doesn’t it have drivers.

Ubuntu booted from a cd and everything worked.

This is crazy.


How Puppy Linux saved my presentation

I had almost finished the powerpoint, all i needed to do was a last test and save it off to a thumbdrive.

And it crashed windows. A crash that went BOOM. Flashing colours on the screen, craziness.

I tried to reboot and it struggled to get to the repair console screens. Eventually windows started to try to fix itself and two hours later admitted defeated. Thanks for nothing.

Luckily i remembered i had a bootable thumb drive in my bag with puppy linux on it. I booted up and managed to copy the presentation to another thumbdrive. But it was a pptx and i wasn’t sure the pc’s at the centre could handle it. I needed a ppt.

After tooling around in Linux for a while i restarted and windows came back. Thanks windows.

Looks like it’ll be a rebuild when i get home.

Viliv offering free Windows 7 upgrade if you buy a Vista machine

Not sure how many of us this will affect given that most of the units I know of came with XP but Viliv is offering a free windows 7 upgrade with qualifying purchases.

Viliv X70 windows 7 upgrade so far

Successfully installed from the windows RC DVD I burned a while ago. To get it to boot from the DVD though I had to only use the buttons on the Viliv, the keyboard wasn’t working to get to the boot menu or select or enter to boot from the USB drive, so I had to use the joystick and the B key.iViliv application

I installed the wifi driver and connected to my wireless. Then I installed the iViliv updater application. Even though I had downloaded all the drivers off the viliv site in advance I wanted to see if it’s own application would handle the windows 7 driver installation itself.

I’m happy to report it does. I’m only just at the beginning but it seems to be hunting down and installing all the drivers. Interestingly though the chipset driver that I downloaded is newer than the one iViliv wants to download, so I guess their website is more current than the application.

iViliv downloading

Onenote for iPhone

Just got an update on the Onenote iPhone app. Beta testers are trying it and some are blogging about it. I’ve been advised that you can sign up and receive news and check out a development blog:

From the developers: “We have some news about MobileNoter (application that allows accessing OneNote data on iPhone) for you. We launched product web site and product blog, where we publish latest information about product development. We also want to receive feedback from our customers on this website, so please feel free to join discussions in blog post comments. You opinion is important for us.

MobileNoter is not released yet. We are currently beta-testing it.”

Apparently you can only view notes at the moment and not edit but that functionality will come.