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Christmas mobility – HTC HD2 as a “MiFi”

Currently holidaying in Warrnambool Victoria Australia – brought along the brand spanking new Vaio X and my HTC HD2 to test out the WiFi Router capabilities of the HTC HD…ie, how will this stack up as a MiFi router?

Happy to say the setup experience is incredibly painless – fireup the WiFi router application (comes with the WM6.5 distro for my HD2) which automatically detected my 3G access. I hit the Start button and voila, the Wifi Router is now ready to accept connections.

Jumped onto the Vaio X which automatically detected the SSID of the WiFi Router,put in the WEP key and access to the internet was granted!

The surfing experience is great..currently have 2 laptops connecting to the HD2 and sharing the internet connection with nice speeds..:)

I’ll post some pics of the laptops both tethering to the HD2 soon .. after my vacation! 🙂

Merry Xmas again to you all! 🙂


UMID tethered with the iPhone 3g

The UMID does not have an inbuilt HSDPA so that means I have to find an external solution for mobile Internet connectivity.

I have a Huawei USB broadband adapter but unfortunately the USB setup on the umid is not ergonomically possible for 2 handed usage so I have to opt for a tethering solution.

My usual tethering setup using pdaNET on the iPhone works flawlessly with the UMID.