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Palm rejection on the Viliv X70 – not so good

Finally got a chance to capture some results from my Palm rejection test on the Viliv X70.

As you can see there’s no palm rejection. You have to carefully ink without touching the screen at all or you get a lot of vectoring.


Viliv S10 Blade – I’m salivating already..

Long have I waited for this day..a lightweight, long battery life, slim convertible that runs W7 and goes for 10 hours!

I was already dreaming of the S10 when Viliv released the S7 – the S7 just didn’t suit my requirements..having to tiny a screen and too low a resolution.

The S10 squeezes 1366×768 high res..oh joy..:)

Viliv S10 Blade pricing:

* Atom Z530 1.6GHz/60GB HDD/Win XP – $699
* Atom Z530 1.6GHz/32GB SSD/Win 7 – $797
* Atom Z530 1.6GHz/64GB SSD/Win 7 – $857
* Atom Z530 1.6GHz/32GB SSD/Win 7/HSPA modem – $889
* Atom Z530 1.6GHz/64GB SSD/Win 7/HSPA modem – $949
* Atom Z550 2.0GHz/64GB SSD/Win 7 – $987
* Atom Z550 2.0GHz/64GB SSD/Win 7/HSPA modem – $1,079

Off on a trip with the Viliv X70

The picture is showing the tech I’m about to head off on a two day business trip with. I’m taking a lot of stuff and haven’t even packed clothes or anything yet.

But part of this trip is to demo mobile tech so I’m taking the X70 to demo a pure slate PC and I class it as a UMPC because it’s so light and compact. The other machine is my LG P100 convertible Tablet which is a desktop replacement machine because of the power it has but it’s over a kilogram with the extended battery and I have to use the extended battery because the standard one gives me an hour tops of use.

I have thumb drives, portable hard drive, bluetooth keyboard, power adapters, The Balckberry for work, the iPhone for everything else.

I’ll see what I use on this trip (besides the demo times) and see how I go just using the Viliv on the road. Maybe the lack of a keyboard is going to hurt, maybe the lack of inbuild 3G? Have to wait and see.

Solar powering the Viliv X70

Good ole Laurence pointed out another interesting article – UMPCportal’s running a test using solar power to charge a X70.

Link here

Anyone else you know attempted the above?

Eking S515 – OQO/Willcom D4 mutant?

Dynamism’s on the marketing campaign again and taking advantage of the CES frenzy, it’s releasing a couple of MIDs and UPMC.

Amongst them is the Eking S515..or in my eyes, the chinese cross b/w OQO and the Sharp Willcom.

Having used many an OQO and fondled a couple of Willcom D4s..I’m wondering what the built quality of the Eking will be compared to these high quality devices…

Initial thoughts…not impressed with the 800×480 res as most of the 5″ from other makers are 1024×600. Battery life’s not great at 3 hours..hard for this to stack up against the Viliv (for eg, S5) that does 5 hours..

Here are the specifications