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Christmas mobility – HTC HD2 as a “MiFi”

Currently holidaying in Warrnambool Victoria Australia – brought along the brand spanking new Vaio X and my HTC HD2 to test out the WiFi Router capabilities of the HTC HD…ie, how will this stack up as a MiFi router?

Happy to say the setup experience is incredibly painless – fireup the WiFi router application (comes with the WM6.5 distro for my HD2) which automatically detected my 3G access. I hit the Start button and voila, the Wifi Router is now ready to accept connections.

Jumped onto the Vaio X which automatically detected the SSID of the WiFi Router,put in the WEP key and access to the internet was granted!

The surfing experience is great..currently have 2 laptops connecting to the HD2 and sharing the internet connection with nice speeds..:)

I’ll post some pics of the laptops both tethering to the HD2 soon .. after my vacation! 🙂

Merry Xmas again to you all! 🙂


My HTC HD2 crashed – Woo hoo!

The inevitable happened to my WM6.5 HTC HD3 device last crashed!

I was experiementing with soft keyboards and installing a couple of cab files and one of which didn’t wanna play nice with WM6.5 and rendered the HD2 into a permanent hung state with no means of soft resetting successfully.

Last resort was to do a hard reset; I didn’t have the manual handy so consulted Monsieur Google who advised a 3 finger salute procedure to do a hard reset.

Thankfully, the hard reset did the trick and the HD2 wiped back to its factory defaults.

One good thing about Wm6.5 is it includes the Microsoft My Phone app which syncs up over the air the to store all your PIM information such as Calendars, Tasks, Contact, Notes, Photos, Music etc online.

I was smart enough (for once!) to sync up my HD2 with Microsoft MyPhone and thu restoring my PIM information over the air was very painless.

You can login to the web interface to manage your stuff as well. Oh, forgot to mention, you’ll be asked to register for a Windows Live userid.

But I didn’t back up the applications so had to reinstall manually. Thanks to the blazingly quick Snapdragon 1Ghz processor, I was able to reinstall 10 of my fav apps in no time…a huge improvement over my previous slow performing WinMo devices that takes ages to reinstall.

The HD2 is back in action now ..:)