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Palm rejection on the Viliv X70 – not so good

Finally got a chance to capture some results from my Palm rejection test on the Viliv X70.

As you can see there’s no palm rejection. You have to carefully ink without touching the screen at all or you get a lot of vectoring.


Off on a trip with the Viliv X70

The picture is showing the tech I’m about to head off on a two day business trip with. I’m taking a lot of stuff and haven’t even packed clothes or anything yet.

But part of this trip is to demo mobile tech so I’m taking the X70 to demo a pure slate PC and I class it as a UMPC because it’s so light and compact. The other machine is my LG P100 convertible Tablet which is a desktop replacement machine because of the power it has but it’s over a kilogram with the extended battery and I have to use the extended battery because the standard one gives me an hour tops of use.

I have thumb drives, portable hard drive, bluetooth keyboard, power adapters, The Balckberry for work, the iPhone for everything else.

I’ll see what I use on this trip (besides the demo times) and see how I go just using the Viliv on the road. Maybe the lack of a keyboard is going to hurt, maybe the lack of inbuild 3G? Have to wait and see.

Solar powering the Viliv X70

Good ole Laurence pointed out another interesting article – UMPCportal’s running a test using solar power to charge a X70.

Link here

Anyone else you know attempted the above?

A day at work with my Mobile technology

Thought I might do one of those day in the life things to show my usage of mobile devices including the Viliv X70. Also thought it might give me a chance to check out if I can perhaps use the mobile tech better. I might add that I’m in a new Job now and therefore haven’t got everything worked out/setup yet i.e. haven’t got a wireless net connection like the last place so that may change my usage a bit from my old setup.

Viliv X70

I use the X70 with a thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard and mouse

7:29am Checked some RSS feeds on the Iphone. The iPhone RSS reader is simple and easy to use and while I’d normally flash up my LG P100 in the morning this time the Iphone was close and easy to use.

9:30am Had a meeting, took the Viliv and used Onenote to take notes. I’m using the Beat version of Office 2010.

11:11am Back at Desk and used the desktop PC, transferred the notes via PDF as I haven’t yet got Onenote on the PC. Used the iphone to check some emails.

12:30pm lunch. Used the iphone to check and respond to emails, read some rss feeds and check facebook.

2:00pm Another meeting, took the Viliv. Note, every meeting results in 10 minutes being spent on expliaing what the X70 is!

2:30pm Back in office, desktop PC and the Viliv using the keyboard and mouse to update and flesh out some notes.

3:00pm Meeting – Viliv and Onenote

4:30pm Docked the Iphone and Viliv to use the internet tethering to check and respond to some emails – lengthy responses which meant the iPhone was out.

The rest of the day was Desktop PC. The evening I used the LG P100 as it’s my desktop replacement and great for web, email, photoshop etc. I probably use it for 2-3 hours in the evening.

So that’s it. I was surprised I used the iPhone as much as I did and can put it down to the fact that it’s always online and for the moment I have to tether with the Viliv for web access which is a bit painful. If the Viliv had 3G I might reach for it more than the iPhone as it’s got a bigger screen and I can do more text entry on the bigger keyboard plus it’s good for inking.

Viliv X70 cost or: the story of two buys

Amusingly when I first bought the X70 our dollar was doing reasonably against the greenback. Not stellar like a couple of months ago (over the dollar) but not too bad. When I cancelled the order due to the delay the dollar had tanked so I lost $100! The US refund was the same but US $’s only bought so many Aussie $’s.Our $ versus their $

I bought when the dollar was at the left point on this chart…and sold when it was on the right. I cancelled my X70 order and lost money on the deal because of two reasons: firstly i was annoyed at the delay from dynamism and what i felt was the lack of notice from them. Secondly i started to get a bit spooked about being such a bleeding edge early adopter.

given the few horror stories i had started to read from early x70 buyers i really started to have concerns. I mean if OQO can go bust with the huge names and huge money behind them then what hope does viliv have?

But then i ended up buying an X70ex from Japan. the few horror stories appeared to be the exception and i’m happy to say the X70 is proving to be better than imagined. But unfortunately the $100 I saved on the purchase was negated by the $100 I lost by outthinking myself the first time.