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Ebook reading

Trying to sell the Advantage on eBay but has to end the auction early as my iPhone broke down and I needed the HTC as a replacement until the iPhone come back from repairs.

Just took a shot of the Advantage and the S5 when I was using both as ebook readers last night..both have it’s pros and cons.

I prefer the slim light form factor of the Advantage but the S5 excels thanks to a higher resolution screen but a lot heavier when held with just one hand when viewing.

As mentioned in other posts, the Advantage struggled with PDFs having only a 600+ MHz processor.


Bye bye Advantage’

Well after much deliberation about whether the Advantage or the s5 best suits my need for a mobile Internet device, I have decided that I will hang on to the s5.

I must admit that I was totally mermerised with the Advantage’s form factor .. Slim and light with a glorious screen for watching videos.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have the performance grunt to take care of my other needs like a decent web browsing experience ESP with flashy websites. Scrolling through large PDFs weren’t that great. I went back to my s5 and found the shortfalls non existent.

Ok so it doesn’t have a built in camera for photo blogging but my iPhone 3g has become my mobile photo blog tool of choice whilst on the go thanks to the lovely WordPress iPhone application.

So I’m well and truly back in the S5 saddle again!