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My how hard disk enclosures have grown..

Remember the dayz when an usb hdd enclosure did just a hard disk?

I have been buying korean made Sarotech enclosure for years and here is their lastest 2.5″ multimedia player called the abigs player that plays full HD movies 1920x1080P. It has a hdmi out and plays pretty much any video format except realmedia straight to your HD lcd tv.

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iPhone development blog

Alex is a good mate of mine who has just entered the dark and mystical programming world of application development for the iPhone.You can follow his programming adventures on his blog.. as he strives to create the next killer iPhone application!

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A tale of 3 iphones

Finally got my iPhone back from repairs today…it is the one in the middle. The left is my wife’ jailbroken 8g and on the right is a 3Gs that is going to my dad tonight.

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My S5’s desktop look

Here is what my desktop looks like.

No surprises, I am a bit of a scifi fan thus the planetary theme

The revolving planets are Yahoo widgets of the iStat type.. I also installed the Zune theme.